I love fitness and food. I lived in NYC for 3 years after graduating from SMU in 2010 and currently live in Dallas, Texas. I grew up as a dancer and when I went to college in Dallas I realized I needed to fulfill that void of exercise since I was no longer dancing. Therefore, I got AFAA certified (I am no longer at the moment) and began teaching workout classes. This was the start of my healthy life style realization. I realized that our body is the best instrument we have been blessed with and we should treat it well, nutrition it, thank it, make it sweat but most importantly LOVE it!

I continue to educate myself on new workouts and nutrition in order to feel the best I can. I truly believe if you exercise your body and feed it well you will feel & look fabulous!

I created this blog to hopefully provide insight into living a healthy lifestyle and to keep track of my own. I roam around taking all different types of fitness classes – there are some amazing ones out there! I have trained for a couple of half marathons and plan to continue to train. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!


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