Nutrition Month: Hydrate Your Soul

This month we are going to focus on our Nutrition. It is so important to fuel our bodies with the right foods. Throughout this month we are going to take each week at a time and focus on a different aspect of nutrition (if you recall, we have done a similar challenge once before). The ides of this is to train your mind and body to combine all of these good habits and make it a lifestyle and not just something you focus on for a week.

Most of us love food and there are so many delicious whole foods out there that we can buy and cook to fuel our bodies properly. So we are going to focus on eating whole foods, drinking plenty of H20 (the most important thing for our body), and cutting out the added sugars (which taste good but make us feel crappy!) this month.

We are going to focus on one thing at a time but the true goal is to continue to do them all at the same time.

We will start off with the easiest one of them all: HYDRATE! I guess it sounds easier than it actually is but it’s so important for us to drink plenty of water all day long! Water helps with so many things including waking up our insides in the morning, aiding our body in digestion, and helping us lose weight.

So this week, when you wake up in the morning after brushing your teeth, drink a big glass of water! It’s like a slightly wilted flowered being watered and after that glass you will begin to feel alive and vibrant. Then, throughout your day, continue to drink water instead of those sugary drinks, or juices or (definitely not) soda!  If you are exercising or active, make sure to drink even more water. DRINK, DRINK, DRINK! It will help you from overeating and make you feel refreshed!




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