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City Surf Fitness – Surf-Inspired Workout


Studio Alert!

City Surf Fitness is a surf-inspired workout studio in the middle of Uptown Dallas. I went to my first class a few weeks back and man did it kick my butt! The class was taught by the Founder of City Surf, Mitch Brown, and it was the Beach Body Bootcamp class. The class has 10 available spots and the equipment used for this workout is a surf board-like board on top of 3 medicine balls to create instability. A lot of the exercises are meant to be like you are surfing or paddling but you also may do burpees and push-ups on the surf-like board and really whatever else may come to the instructor’s creative mind. It’s not your typical workout and your body will be shocked which will increase your balance, muscle strength, flexibility and endurance.

The studio offers four types of classes so you will NOT get bored:


I am ready to jump in and try all of the classes at this awesome boutique studio! Who is in for some surfin’?!


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