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YS1Yoga Smoga is a new fitness clothing line based out of NYC. They have put a lot of thought into their brand and what they stand for. I think this line of fitness clothing is going to be the next best thing. Mark my word.

Plus! How can you not just love that name?!

When you click on this link to go to their website, be sure to check their video “DID YOU TAKE A BREATH TODAY?” out. It will make you feel alive and warm & fuzzy inside. This was my favorite part of their website. I watch it a lot now to just get back into a calm mindset.

Most of you who know me, know I worked at lululemon for about a year when I was in college and pretty much only wear lululemon right now. However, I had a wonderful opportunity to review some of Yoga Smoga’s line of clothing and might I say this may be my new thing! And yours if you give it a try!

The company has thought out in detail how to make their line of clothes not only great for working out and extremely flattering but they use products that are good for the environment and for us, too! How about that for some Smogi lovin’!

I received:

Run Jump ‘n Play Yoga Crop – Black

This design is similar to lululemon’s Wunder Under Crop.

The fabric of the crops are the best part! They are extremely flattering and the fabric wicks wonderfully. The first time I wore the crops, I received more compliments than I ever expected! There is a pocket in the front for anything you may want to bring with you on a run or to a class. I have to say they are my favorite pair of workout pants right now. They are comfortable and the material is just fabulous.

pant2 pant4

pant5 pant3

Yantra Tank –  Blue

The tank is for fitting and meant to hit around the hip area so it doesn’t ride up. The Yantra tank is lightweight and breathable which is nice when doing cardio workouts. The tank sometimes rises up a bit in the back but I think Yoga Smoga has changed the make of this top to be a bit longer than the one I received. Definitely wear a sports bra underneath this tank for support. Also, Yoga Smoga is coming out with built in bra tanks in some fun colors so be sure to be on the look out for them!

tank3 tank2 tank1

***Full Disclosure – I was given these items to review but received no other compensation for the review. ***


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