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I’m Back!

Hi Y’all!

I want to apologize for falling off the face of blogging Earth! I am back and ready to share and motivate!

I have had a big change in my life! As of October 1, I moved from NYC, the amazing place I called home for 3 years, to Dallas, for a great job. As I am so excited for these new beginnings, I will thoroughly miss all of the great things New York City offered me in my early to mid twenties. The fitness scene and community in NYC is unreal. If you live there, enjoy it as much as you can. There are inspiring instructors and invigorating, fun classes and studios all over. I will be back for business trips and for fun and will try and get as much fitness classes I can when I am there.

As for now, I will be in Dallas trying out all the fitness studios around here. Luckily for me, Dallas is booming and has some great fitness studios.

Some I am excited to try (and you should, too if you live or visit here):

I went to SMU for college, which is in Dallas, so I know some of the fitness studios. Here are some I love:

If anyone has any other great Dallas fitness places they recommend, comment below! Would love to hear from you.



dallas skyline


6 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Enjoy Dallas! You are right there are many fantastic spots here! Also try Karmany Yoga off of McKinney – it’s donation based and fantastic for vinyasa flow! Amy is my favorite there! I have not tried Yoga Movement yet but I have a couple of friends that love it!!

  2. Just saw your post from Flywheel’s Twitter! I live in New York but work in Dallas during the week. You should also check out Barre Bee Fit (they just opened in the Design District) and Classic Pilates (they usually have a Gilt City deal). You could also try Title Boxing (on Lemmon near Wycliffe), though honestly it wasn’t my cup of tea. And you should DEFINITELY try Tread Fitness (on Lemmon by Whole Foods) for an amazing weights/running workout – it’s killer!

    • Thanks for all of these amazing recs! I have been to Tread (I forgot to put it on my post!). I am hoping to make a class this week there! I really appreciate all of your insight =)

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