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S.L.T. – Strengeth. Lengthen. Tone.


SLT NYC offers Megaformer classes and yoga classes. I have now gone to two Megaformer classes, one with Jay C and one with Jesse, and needless to say, they both kicked my ass.

The Megaformer class is similar to a Pilates Reformer class on steroids x100. It will make your heart-pump, thighs-burn, abs-cry and muscles you didn’t even know exist scream! I highly recommend this class to anyone who enjoys and appreciates a challenging fitness class taught by exciting, knowledgeable instructors.

I have established a love/hate relationship with the Megaformer class. The first time I went I had no clue what I was in for. I have taken reformer classes before and figured this was practically the same thing. I work out a lot. It can’t be that hard. MAN, was I wrong! In the first 3 minutes of the class I was sweating profusely and sometimes had to stop during exercises to rest. All in all, I walked out as happy as can be cause I knew I got one of the best workouts I could in 50 minutes of my time. I now want to go as much as I can afford (it’s a pretty pricey class), as I know every time I go I will walk out getting my money’s worth!

SLT 1st Timer Specials

  • Megaformer: 1st class is $20
  • Yoga: 1st class is $15

SLT NYC has 2 locations in Manhattan – Midtown & SoHo. If you decide to check out any of the classes there, let me know. I would love to come get tortured with you!


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