Challenge / LOVE Your Body

Week 3 Challenge #DineBeforeNine


We are 2 days into Week 3 challenge of no eating after 9pm.

When we eat late at night, our food doesn’t properly digest so it’s better to eat dinner and any after dinner delights before 9pm so our bodies can digest properly.

My Mom is in town this week and we have been going out to dinner and literally finishing our last bite right before 9pm. Monday night we went to Harding’s and shared the Heirloom Tomatoes, Fluke Crudo and Atlantic Branzini which was grilled with white beans & green garlic (highly recommend this dish – it was light and flavorful!). After dinner (note it was 9PM on the dot), the waitress brought over 2 homemade chocolate chip cookies that we just stared at and left all alone as we headed home. Now that’s, self-control and a challenge if you ask me!

Good luck this week! Make sure to tweet #dinebeforenine


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