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July Health Challenge

Happy July! We are halfway through 2013! It’s been a great year so far and we have so much more to look forward to in the last half of 2013!

This month I am going to do something a little different for our challenge. I have decided to pick 1 thing to focus on each week in the month of July. Each week we will really try and stick with the challenge (it’s only 7 days! – so it’s totally manageable). The four challenges (4 weeks) are all health related. We have been doing a lot of fitness challenges but it is important to eat right as well. Our bodies need to be fueled properly along with physical activity.

The week will go from Monday to Sunday.

Week 1 (July 1-7): Drink at least 8×8 ounces of water everyday!

Week 2 (July 8-14) : Give up one food or drink in your diet that will benefit your health and body by not having it. Some examples include alcohol, coffee, dairy, chocolate, sweets, etc.

Week 3 (July 15-21): Do not eat past 9pm every night. Make sure to have your dinner and after dinner delight before 9pm!

Week 4 (July 22-28): Eliminate processed foods from your diet. A more thorough post to come about this week’s challenge later this month.

Then we have 3 days off!!!

Best of luck! Share how it’s going!fruits

Love, B


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