Show Support for Dawn

DawnWhen I was in college, I worked at luluemon athletica and Dawn was my assistant manager. She is a truly amazing, motivated woman. She lights up a room with her energy and smile. She is a really wonderful, inspiring, strong friend of mine and has been battling thyroid cancer. She is always positive and willing to lend a helping hand and now I would like to lend her mine.

Dawn wants to bring awareness to others about thyroid issues and wants people to be educated on the risks and things you can do to help prevent it. Her friends started a campaign for her to raise money to help her with all of the medical costs this journey has put her through.

She will appreciate any amount you can donate to her cause.

Just click on the link below and you can read a little more about Dawn and her story. I am going to raffle off a Sparkly Soul Headband to one donator who puts “SS” in the message section when donating or just comment below letting me know you donated and I will double check with the campaign.


Winner will be announced at the end of June so there is plenty of time to donate….any amount makes a difference!

Thank you all. All of my love, sweat and tears.


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