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Mid-May Follow Up


I am sorry for being a bad blogger the past few weeks. I have taken on this May challenge to the fullest and have been so busy (no excuses!).

How are you all enjoying this challenge? I would like your feedback. Do you guys like when I am more specific with the monthly challenges or when I ask you to look inward and pick something to focus on where you have wanted to see a shift in your life?

My Challenge: This month I am doing a challenge at this awesome spin studio in Manhattan called Revolve. They had posted a 31 Days of Sweat Challenge for May and I figured I would take it on as one of my challenges this month. The challenge is based on points and you get points for all types of things Revolve related (tweeting, facebooking, checking-in, pics w/instructors, referring friends, sweating, etc). I am sure some of you have seen me posting about Revolve non-stop and this is why! Every week there is a winner and then the grand prize at the end of the month is a BIKE! YES, A BIKE!

I’m in it to win it! However, I am traveling quite a bit this month so when I am in town I am doubling up on workouts and doing whatever I can to get my points in! If anyone is in the NYC area and wants to take a spin class with me or even without me, let me know! First class is FREE and I will get some points for referring you =) WIN, WIN! – Email, Tweet, Facebook me for details!

Please let me know how your challenge is going this month and provide some feedback on what you like and don’t like to see for the challenges!

Love you all!!!



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