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May Challenge

This month I would like you all to set a personal challenge for yourself. This challenge you create for yourself can be anything you want to work on to be a stronger, happier, more loving person. It can be related to fitness, health, spiritual, your relationship, your career – anything! You name it. Stick to it and by the end of the month you will feel accomplished and feeling happier!

Some ideas can be but are not limited to:

  • Cutting out processed foods
  • Drinking more water
  • NO gossiping about others
  • Workout _ times a week
  • Be more patient and loving to your significant other or someone close to you
  • Set a certain amount of time aside everyday to reflect/meditate
  • NO negative thoughts about yourself or anyone else

Write down the challenge you decide on and put it somewhere you see everyday.

I would love to hear what you all challenge yourselves to do this month! Leave a comment below sharing what you are committing to this month with the community!

Push Yourself to be the best YOU you can be! #MayChallenge #pushyourself




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