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Reward Yourself!

A lot of you work hard day in and day out to achieve a goal. When you set a goal, whatever it may be, it’s important to reward yourself when that goal is accomplished. Studies show you are more likely to achieve your goal if it is concrete.

This month, we are sweating once a day for the month of April. This challenge is not easy and it’s important for all of you hard-working, sweaters out there to attach a physical prize to your hard work. If you reach your goal of sweating once a day then gift yourself a reward! Take a picture of what that reward will be and put it somewhere where you will see it so you are motivated throughout the rest of the month to keep on sweating.

We are not animals, do NOT award yourself with food!

Some great REWARD ideas: mani/pedi, new workout outfit, new pair of jeans (maybe even in a smaller size!).

What REWARD will you gift yourself when #SweatOnceADay April Challenge is accomplished?


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