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The Sports Bra Challenge

SEAK Foundation Sports Bra Challenge 2013 in Union Square was a huge success and inspiration. 600 men and women of all different sizes, shapes, ages and color came together to support SEAK Foundation, which is a foundation to support women to feel comfortable in their bodies. The weather was beautiful which was a bonus but the event itself was a true inspiration. The high energy of the sponsors, participants and SoulCycle instructors was out of this world.

My parents were in town so they joined me at this event. It wouldn’t have been the same without their wonderful company. We all signed up for the 2nd class taught by the amazing Jenny Gaither & Ayana Curtis. During the first class, taught by Melanie Griffith and Stacey Griffith, we walked around to all the different sponsors’ tents to see what they were all about and what they were giving away. Calorie Count offered a make-your-own trail mix – it was delicious! Exhale had free chair massages. There was a cool Pop Up Photo Booth which was fun! Supergoop provided Sunscreen. Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit had a stand with fresh, soft-serve treats and toppings.

Our outside spin class started at 1:30pm. Jenny and Ayana took their bikes on the stage and rode us through an amazing, inspirational ride with the DJ playing great tunes. The majority of the riders had taken their shirts off and rode this ride in just a sports bra. All shapes & sizes – making everyone feel comfortable in their own skin. This was an event not to be missed and I hope I can be part of it every year going forward!

#revealyourself – LOVE YOUR BODY!



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