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Uplift_1I love trying new studios and fitness classes to see all the types of workouts and instructors out there. I always try to be money conscious so I typically don’t consistently go back unless they have a great deal but it’s great to try new places and see what’s out there in the fitness community.

First, the studio:

Uplift is a women only boutique studio located on 23rd in between 5th and 6th Ave in Manhattan. The first impression I got from this studio was the super friendly staff. I was on the wait list for a class and they were so accommodating and fortunately, I was able to get in the class. The studio is very pretty and clean and they offer the guests water, a towel, coffee, nuts for a snack, and they have great locker rooms. I was very impressed. The studio has an area for personal training sessions with a couple of treadmills and weights and then a small room where the classes are held. Overall, I thought it was a great looking, extremely-welcoming boutique fitness studio.

Uplift_2 Uplift_3

Second, the instructor:

Stephanie Nieman teaches a kick ass cardio class at Uplift. I have taken spin classes from her at Revolve so I knew she was going to give a great class and she exceeded my expectations. The class was filled with high-intensity cardio mixed with strength training with light weights. Needless to say, I walked out of class on a high and wanting more. Stephanie has a lot of energy which motivates you to want to go bigger, faster & stronger. She will stand next to you and do the moves with you which makes you not want to stop when you feel like you may keel over and get sick. Her music rocked as always which can make or break any fitness class in my opinion.

Awesome fitness instructors are so inspring and make us crave amazing sweat sessions!

Definitely go try Stephanie’s class at Uplift – you will not be disappointed!

BONUS! Use code UpliftSN for your first class – it’ll be FREE =)

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts!





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