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sports_bra_challenge_3Take off those workout tops and flaunt that amazing body of yours in just a SPORTS BRA!! YES! You heard me correctly. We too often criticize our bodies and tell ourselves “I am too fat” “I hate this & that about my body”. Well it’s time to get rid of those thoughts. This event is to get those negative thoughts out of your mind and accept and love the body you have and show it off with other men and women while SoulCycle instructors ride you through the time of your life in Union Square in the heart of Manhattan!

S.E.A.K. (STRIVE.EMBRACE.ACHIEVE.KNOW) Foundation, is a non-profit organization that promotes a healthy lifestyle to help women love and cherish the bodies they have. We all struggle with our bodies at some point and think we may not be good enough because of the way we look. S.E.A.K. is here to help us overcome those thoughts and love and accept ourselves for the amazing bodies we have been given.

WHEN: Sunday, April 14, 2013

WHO: SEAK Foundation hosting YOU

WHAT: The Sports Bra Challenge Event with SoulCycle classes

WHERE: Union Square in NYC

REGISTER HERE! to book your bike!

I’m going to stop by lululemon beforehand to get the cutest, brightest sports bra they have in stock!

See your rockin’ body there!


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