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April Challenge: Sweat Once A Day!


April’s challenge is to Sweat Once A Day! Yes! Every day in the month of April (only 30 days) I want you to do something to sweat!  It’s finally starting to get warm out (Yay!) so you can get your sweat on outside which is always more fun =) Your ‘rest days’ will be an ‘active recovery’ day which means you can walk, take a yoga class, toss the football – something!  This way it’s still part of your routine and it becomes habit.

Sweating by walking to the subway or hanging in the sauna doesn’t cut it! Sorry! Get out there and show your body you love it by taking care of it and making it work!

Most of your days should be spent sweating by running, lifting, playing a sport, taking a workout class, etc. The days when you normally rest, take a yoga class, go for a long walk, throw the Frisbee in the park, bike to the beach – do something active!

Keep track of your sweat sessions by using #AprilChallenge #SweatOnceADay on Facebook and Twitter or write it in your own personal journal.

To set yourself up for success, plan your workouts at the beginning of the week for the whole week and try to stick to them as much as possible. Working out on the weekends is important to achieving your goals and can be extremely helpful if you get that workout in or can be hurtful if you continue to not sweat weekend after weekend.

Live a healthy life in a body you love!




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