briskiMid-March I took my yearly ski trip to Aspen, Colorado with my family. Spring skiing is one of my favorite activities. It is so nice to have some warm sunny weather, good snow, and be continously active outside throughout the day. When I arrived in Aspen, my parents picked me up from the airport, I changed in the car and we hit the slopes. We met up with my brother and his friends, Charlie and Kim, and I got my ski legs back in no time. We were able to ski 4 days and the last day we spent walking around Aspen before our flights back home. It was a fabulous trip!

Aspen is one of my favorite places on Earth. Everyone eats healthier and is active. The scenery is breathtaking. The food is delciious. The wine gets to your head quicker. You truly feel like you are in paradise. I feel like a different person out there. I am always in a great mood and never want to leave. Unfortunately, that time always comes when we all have to part our ways and go back home. Hopefully, I will be able to make it out again this summer. Summer is just as fabulous just in a very different way. Summers are spent hiking, biking, wining, and dining.

But, now it’s time to enjoy spring! Love you all!

PS. Growing up, one of my nicknames was Bri Ski, hence, the title of this post!



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