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Check in with Yourself!

thinkaboutFor those of you who have been participating in the 50 miles in March Challenge, we are half way through March! Check in with yourself and where you are at in this challenge. A lot of you have been tracking your miles on the calendar and you are doing an incredible job! I am so proud of the hard work you all have put into this challenge so far and I hope you all feel great, as you should! If you have gotten a little off track, that is ok. Just remember why you decided to commit to this challenge in the first place and get back on track! Tomorrow is a new day. There is still plenty of time in the month to complete 50 miles or even just get out there and sweat more than you typically do!

Last week, we sprung forward an hour so we have more sunlight in our day to get outside and get those miles in. Personally, I enjoy running outside over the treadmill so I am so thankful for having some sunlight to run in after work.

Please share what things have motivated you to get those miles in when you really didn’t want to/had other things to do/were too tired but you did it anyway.

Good luck with the rest of the month and I will continue to be checking in through Facebook and Twitter!

Love, B


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