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50 MILES in March Challenge

Spring is around the corner and we all know what that means: Bathing suit season! Hopefully, lots of sun, beach & sand is in our near future!

This month’s challenge is to complete 50 miles in the month of March. Some options include: Running, biking, swimming & elliptical! If you are biking, make sure you divide your miles by 4! This is because biking and running do not require the same amount of energy and by biking more miles you will get the same benefits as you would if you were running. For example, if you biked 12 miles, count that as 3 miles towards your 50 mile goal! If you are doing the elliptical, make sure you cut your miles in 1/2. So 6 miles on the elliptical is 3 miles towards the challenge. (The calendar you download below will do all the calculations for you).

Is this difficult? YES! That’s what a challenge is for. Is this possible? YES! I know each and everyone of you CAN do it.

The question is: Are you WILLING?!

So let’s get out there and move our amazing bodies!

Make sure you:

  • Hydrate & Fuel Your Body!
  • Share the challenge with your friends!
  • LOVE your body!

Always remember our bodies are the best tool we have been given and it’s important for us to treat them that way. If you get demotivated, refocus and remember why you started the challenge in the first place and get back on track. Tomorrow is a new day!

Download calendar here! and save it (compliments of John Simon) to keep track of your progress. It pretty much does everything for ya! Just make sure to delete the examples I left in the doc =)

Comment below if you plan on committing to this challenge and giving it your all! Would love to hear all of your thoughts and excitement for the #50miles #marchchallenge !

Also, an app I use to measure my distance outside is RunKeeper. Get the app on your phone!






5 thoughts on “50 MILES in March Challenge

  1. I am on for the challenge!!! Did my first spin this morning……Love this spreadsheet….thanks to John!! And of course thanks to Bri for motivating us!!

  2. Yeah I’m on this 50 mile challenge. I’ve been doing 5ks on the elliptical before my normal workout, but now that I know i’ll only get half credit its time for the treadmill!
    Great motivation.

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