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intenSati Videoshoot


Patricia Moreno, the founder of intenSati, is coming out with a new workout DVD! She asked a few people in the sati community to be in this video with her. Luckily, I was one of them! Talk about honored, flattered, and ecstatic! It truly was one of the most honoring experiences, especially considering that this has become my passion, my favorite class and my favorite teacher.

The video is broken up into four 30 minute sections and will make you feel like a shining star and make you sweat. Patricia is so inspiring and each and everyone of the back-up dancers gives off so much energy to make the video ROCK!

There were so many people that helped make the videoshoot run smoothly and brought so much to the table to make it awesome. To name a few: George Brescia helped style our outfits and make us look beautiful. Fitness expert, Petra Kobler, kept us smiling big and our heads up high throughout the shoot.

I am so excited for the launch party and to see the final product!

Will keep you all posted!

Patricia Moreno & George Brescia

Patricia Moreno & George Brescia

Our Fearless Leader

Our Fearless Leader


Petra Kobler and Me


Our Cool New Reebok Kicks


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