Caravan of Dreams

caravan of dreams

Last night, my good friend, Christina, and I went to a spin class at Revolve and then ended the night with a bite at Caravan of Dreams.

It was a dream! The food was flavorful and fabulous! This cute, little restaurant sits in the heart of East Village (6th St and 1st Ave) and is organic and vegan. All of the ingredients used are the best quality and selected for their health benefits and flavor. All you meat lovers would be pleasantly surprised by the variety of options on the menu and how savory each plate is.

Christina and I shared:

Thai Avocado Salad: Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, nori, carrots, thai citrus dressing

Wild Rice and Cremini Risotto Croquettes: Shiitake mushrooms, roasted red pepper puree, asparagus and French lentils

The salad was very good and fresh but the croquettes were TO DIE FOR!!! I would go back in a heart beat because there were so many items on the menu I would like to try but it will be hard not to order the croquette again. Highly, highlrecommended.

One of the great things about living in the East Village is that there are so many healthy, delicious little restaurants in the area. My friend, Abbey, who lives in DC told me about this place and when I looked at the menu and wanted EVERYTHING, I knew I had to try it! So, shout out to Miss Abbey – thank you for the rec and we will have to go next time you are in NYC!


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