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February Challenge: Sweat in class!

February Challenge – 20 workout classes in the month of February

As most of you know, I just finished training for a half marathon and now I’m ready to take on a new challenge. This past weekend I was visiting my brother, Joe, in DC and I mentioned to him that I wanted to take on a challenge for February. I was hoping he would do one with me, as its always more fun doing a challenge with a buddy. He came up with the idea to take 20 workout classes in the month of February and I was in! It will be a harder challenge for Joe as he rarely takes workout classes. Joe grew up as a runner and was extremely great at it. However, he got injured so now he mostly lifts and bikes. Hopefully this challenge will get him to spin classes and maybe even to a few different types of yoga classes. 

I am going to challenge myself to take the 20 classes in February but also challenge myself to get into classes I have never taken before.

The Challenge:
In the month of February (only 28 days this year), take 20 workout classes. If you take two classes in one day that counts for 2, if you take 20 in one day, WALA! Your challenge is complete!

This is supposed to be fun and make you try new classes that you normally wouldn’t try.

Intimidated by yoga? Try a beginners class.

Never tried that class that is packed with everyone having a blast? Grab a friend and go.

Let down your guard and try something new this month. Challenge yourself. You can do it! 

Comment below if you plan on taking on this challenge and what you are most excited/nervous about.



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