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Welcome to Miami – 13.1 Version



This past weekend John and I flew down to South Florida to vacation in the sun, have some beach time, spend some time with my family and run the Miami ING Half Marathon. This was our second half marathon!

The night before the race, we stayed at a hotel near the start line so we could roll out of bed and walk to where the race started. The race was an early one – it started at 6:15am! The morning air was a cool 60 degrees so we were lucky we weren’t going to be running in the hot Florida sun for 13.1 miles. The race started in downtown Miami and was kicked off with great music and lots of cheers. The course took us over the bridge into Miami Beach and then along the beach and back into downtown Miami where the crowds roared and cheered us on. My parents came to watch which was so special but when mile 11 and 12 came around and we hadn’t seen them yet we were worried we missed them. However, a little before the end of the race when we were struggling to keep going, there was Mom and Dad on the sidelines cheering us on which helped boost our energy for the last mile. Throughout the middle of the run, I struggled; however, I am lucky to have a great running partner who helped me get through. We were a great support system with each other the entire way and ended up running a flat 10 minute mile pace the whole half marathon (better than our first 1/2 marathon pace!).

To be completely honest, I did not feel great the rest of the day. We all have good run days and not-so-good run days, and it was more on the latter side. After the race we had brunch with my parents and then laid by the beautiful pool at the hotel. When we left Miami, we grabbed some TCBY (well-deserved & much-desired) and headed back to Ft. Lauderdale for some more R&R.

The second the race was over I thought “I won’t be running a 1/2 for a while” but once the night time rolled around and I started feeling myself again I started brainstorming what 1/2 marathon I will be signing up for next.

I will be needing a run or race partner since John is taking a (hopefully, brief) break from half marathons.

Who is in!?

Il Gabbiano in Miami

Il Gabbiano – Miami, FL

EPIC Hotel View

EPIC Hotel


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