Disney Half


Last year, on January 7, my boyfriend, John, and I ran the Disney Half Marathon. John lives in Chicago and I live in NYC so we flew to Ft. Lauderdale (where my family lives) and we took a road trip up to Orlando for the half and to spend some time at the parks in Disney. This was our first half marathon and our #1 goal was to HAVE FUN and our next goal was to finish the race. Both were accomplished! However, even though we finished the race – we both felt pretty dead after. John swore he would never run one again and I thought I probably wouldn’t either considering the pain my body was in at the time. However, the end of 2012 rolled around and we were both eager for a challenge and an excuse to vacation together, so we decided to train and sign up for the Miami ING Half Marathon.

There were times throughout our training that we questioned why we were doing this. Neither of us have a running partner and we both live in cold places where running can be pretty miserable sometimes. Low and behold, we got through our training and now we are ready to run Miami!

Oh, and did I mention it’s about 15 degrees in NYC and Chicago and a beautiful 75 degrees in sunny South Florida!



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